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Department of Political Sociology

The department of sociology started in Birsa Munda College in the year 2018. The department of sociology has left no stones unturned in trying to create the best learning space. Sociology is a study of human social relationships. It focusses on social institutions and social processes. Sociology’s subject matter range from study of religion, family, crime, gender issues, social class stratification, medical, media and social changes that affect societies. Sociology throws light and explains dynamics of relationships that affect individual lives, communities and the world. At individual level it examines the causes and causes of family conflict, aging, belief system, liquid love and gender identity. At the societal level, sociology investigates deviance, crime, poverty, social movements, rural and urban community. At global level sociology explores issues such as ethnicity, migration, population growth and so on. The department seeks to ensure that the syllabus reflects both the classical sociological content and contemporary trends. The B.A. Degree features important foundation papers like principles of sociology, sociology of Indian society and development of social thought. Students are trained to make presentations with innovation and clarity. The students are made to engage in extra curriculum activities like engaging in social work, movie review, organizing and participating in cultural activities and participating in dance and singing. The final year students are taken for field visit and assigned individual research projects, which gives them array of opportunities to learn about the communities and the social problems faced by them. The department faculty keep pace with the emerging trends in the discipline and make effort to expand their research skills and theoretical orientation. Faculty and students collaborate to ensure an activity-packed academic year.
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