Birsa Munda College

Grievance And Redressal Committee

Grievance & Redressal Committee

The Grievance and Redressal Committee at Birsa Munda College is dedicated to addressing concerns and ensuring fair resolutions for all stakeholders. Comprising experienced faculty members and administrators, the committee provides a platform for individuals to voice grievances confidentially and seeks to resolve issues promptly and impartially. Current members of the committee are as follows:
Sl NoMember NameDesignation
1Dr. Birendra MridhaChairperson and Convener
2Dr. Anurima ChandaCo-Convener
3Passang Rinji TamangMember
4Ruma DeyMember
5Dichen Lamu SherpaMember
6Dr. Sudarshana BhaumikMember
7Surasree Deb BarmanMember
8Dipannita DebMember
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