ওরে  নবীন, ওরে আমার কাঁচা,
ওরে সবুজ, ওরে অবুঝ,
আধমরাদের ঘা মেরে তুই বাঁচা।

In his poem “Sabujer Abhijan”, Rabindranath Tagore has encouraged the youth of the country, the next generation of bright individuals, to land a blow to the old and give them a new lease of life. For every institution of higher education, the highest aim is to nurture this ability of the youth to help them become future leaders who can inspire the uninspired. In 2018, Birsa Munda College was set up with this very objective to groom the future batches of changemakers who could bring the ethos of this part of Bengal and carve a new pathway forward. The Governing Body and the teachers of this college are equal partners in this dream, committed to providing a healthy environment for its students to achieve their destiny.

I welcome all you young people who will eventually become a part of this fruitful academic journey with us and promise my help and cooperation in all their academic and extra-curricular endeavours. Here’s hoping that you make optimum usage of this opportunity and pass out of this college as confident individuals who can lead the way ahead.