1. Compliance with Rules and Regulations: Students must abide by all rules and regulations set by the college and the university, ensuring adherence to academic and disciplinary standards.
  2. Notice Board and Website Instructions: It is the responsibility of students to regularly read and follow notices and instructions posted on the college notice board or website, keeping themselves informed about important updates and announcements.
  3. Respectful Behaviour: Students must treat all members of the college community with respect and dignity on and off campus, regardless of differences in background, beliefs, or opinions.
  4. Academic Integrity: Any form of academic dishonesty, including cheating on exams or assignments, will not be tolerated.
  5. Prohibited Activities: Smoking, spitting, and the use of intoxicants are strictly prohibited within the campus premises, maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all.
  6. Unity and Harmony: Students must preserve a sense of unity, integrity, and harmony within the college community, promoting a positive and inclusive atmosphere for learning and interaction.
  7. Ragging Policy: Ragging is strictly prohibited as per the recommendations of the Supreme Court and University Grants Commission, with severe penalties for offenders. The college has an Anti-Ragging Committee to enforce regulations.
  8. Campus Cleanliness: Students are responsible for keeping the campus clean and adhering to the plastic-free zone policy, refraining from using plastic within the premises.
  9. Misbehavior and Disturbance: Any form of misbehaviour that disrupts the academic or administrative atmosphere of the institution will be met with severe penalties.
  10. Mobile Phone Usage: The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden during class, seminars, and workshops unless required for digital support, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum focus on academic activities.
  11. Identity Card Requirement: Students must wear their identity cards at all times within the campus premises. Lost identity cards can only be replaced with permission from the Principal and payment of a fine.
  12. Attendance and Examination Eligibility: Regular attendance and punctuality are crucial for academic success and exam eligibility as per University of North Bengal regulations; students must attend all classes and events unless excused for valid reasons.
  13. Respect for College Property: Students are responsible for the proper use and care of college facilities, equipment, and resources. Theft, vandalism, or misuse of college property is prohibited.
  14. Dress Code: Students are expected to maintain formal and decent attire while in college, presenting themselves in a manner conducive to a professional learning environment.
  15. Consequences of Non-Compliance: Students who fail to comply with the college rules and regulations will face fines and disciplinary action, emphasising the importance of responsible conduct and adherence to guidelines.

  1. Professionalism: Teachers must maintain the highest standards of professionalism in their interactions with students, colleagues, and the college community. They must demonstrate respect, integrity, and fairness in all aspects of their work.
  2. Commitment to Teaching: Teachers are responsible for providing high-quality instruction, fostering a supportive learning environment, and facilitating student success. They must be prepared, organised, and accessible to students outside of class hours.
  3. Ethical Conduct: Teachers must adhere to ethical guidelines and principles in their teaching, research, and professional activities. They must avoid conflicts of interest and maintain confidentiality in student matters.
  4. Respect for Diversity: Teachers must respect the diversity of students and colleagues, including differences in background, beliefs, and perspectives. They must create an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity and promotes mutual respect.

  1. Professionalism: Non-teaching staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner and demonstrate respect, courtesy, and professionalism in their interactions with students, colleagues, and visitors.
  2. Responsibility: Non-teaching staff are expected to diligently perform their assigned tasks within the specified timeframe and in accordance with college policies and procedures, while also respecting and honouring the hierarchy in the Administration.
  3. Confidentiality: Non-teaching staff must maintain confidentiality and discretion in handling sensitive information related to students, employees, and college operations.
  4. Customer Service: Non-teaching staff are expected to provide excellent customer service to students, faculty, and visitors, addressing their needs and inquiries promptly and courteously.
  5. Compliance with Rules: Non-teaching staff are required to comply with all college rules, regulations, and policies governing their conduct and performance of duties.

Notice board
College will remain closed on 08-05-2024 on account of “Rabindranath Tagore”
College will remain closed on 01-05-2024 on account of “May Day”
College will remain closed on 20-04-2024 to 27-04-2024 on account of “the acquisition of our college by the Central Forces for Parliamentary General Election 2024”
College will remain closed on 17-04-2024 on account of “Ram Navami”
College will remain closed on 10-04-2024 AND 11-04-2024 on account of “Id-Ul-Fitr”
College will remain closed on 06-04-2024 on account of “BIRTHDAY OF HARICHAND THAKUR”
*College will remain closed on 29-03-2024 on account of “Good Friday”
Notice regarding Library Internship course
College will remain closed on 08-03-2024 & 09-03-2024 on account of “Shiva Ratri” and Administrative ground
Notice regarding Special talk on “Ancient Indian Customs and Spiritual Insights in the Epic Mahabharata”
Notice regarding Internal Examination
Notice regarding ABC ID-related
Notice regarding any change in Registration Certificate
Notice regarding cultural event (Lamhein)
College will remain closed on 26-02-2024 on account of “Sab-e-Barat”
Notice related MINOR-I and MINOR-2 for 2nd Semester students
Notice related ABC ID
Notice on MDC Subject
College will remain closed on 15-02-2024 on the ground of post-Saraswati Puja College campus cleaning 
All are invited to join as Saraswati Pratima will be immersed on 09-02-2024.
An invitation to attend the Career Orientation Program.
Notice for flag hoisting on account of the 75th Republic Day.
College will remain closed on 26-01-2024 on account of “Republic Day”
Flag Hoisting on account of “Birthday of Netaji”
College will remain closed on 23-01-2024 on account of “Birthday of Netaji”
Notice for the Blood Donation Camp
All are requested to be present 12-01-2024 on account of “Birthday of Swami Vivekananda”
College will remain closed on 12-01-2024 on account of “Birthday of Swami Vivekananda””
Notice of “Career counseling program”
Notice for the workshop on student welfare
Notice for the Cultural program on 08-01-2024 of Student’s week
Notice for Program schedule of Student’s week
Notice for “Student’s week” on 02-01-2024 to 08-01-2024
College will remain closed on 25-10-2023 to 01-01-2024 on account of “Winter Recess”
Notice for awareness program on “Sexual Harassment”
College will remain closed on 27-11-2023 on account of “Guru Nanak”
College will remain closed on 19-11-2023 and 20-11-2023 on account of “Chhat Puja”
Notice for “Puja Vacation” and Internal Examination
College will remain closed on 14-10-2023 on account of “Mahalaya”
Notice for Internal Examination
Regarding college uniform
College will remain closed on 28-09-2023 on account of “Id-e-Milad”
College will remain closed on 25-09-2023 on account of “Karam Puja”
College will remain closed on 18-09-2023 on account of “Vishwakarma Puja”
Notice for Hindi Diwas and Vidyasagar jayanti celebration program
College will remain closed on 06-09-2023 & 07-09-2023 on account of “Janmasthami” and administrative ground.
Log in credential for 5th+6th sem admission
Log in credential for 3rd+4th sem admission
Application for college canteen
Document verification