1. Library Hours:
      The library operates from Monday to Saturday, with closure on Sundays and Public Holidays. The timings are as follows: Monday-Friday: 11 am to 4 pm, Saturday: 11 am to 2 pm.

    2. Dress Code:
      Students must wear the college uniform when accessing the library.

    3. Entry Requirements:
      Upon entry, students must present their college library-issued identity card.

    4. Identity Card Requirement:
      Presentation of identity cards is mandatory for library access and book borrowing.

    5. Personal Items:
      Readers are prohibited from bringing personal books, printed materials, or any belongings such as bags or umbrellas inside the library premises. These items must be securely stored in the designated area before entry.

    6. Conduct:
      It is expected that readers maintain a quiet and respectful atmosphere within the library, refraining from any form of discussion. Additionally, the use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden.

    7. Care of Materials:
      Readers must handle library materials with care, refraining from writing on or damaging any books, periodicals, newspapers, or maps. Any damage discovered should be promptly reported to library staff.

    8. Borrowing Policies:
      Renewal of books is permissible if there are no pending requests from other readers. Reference materials are intended for in-library use only and may not be borrowed

    9. Theft Policy:
      Unauthorised removal of library materials constitutes theft and will be dealt with accordingly.

    10. Late Returns:
      A fine structure is in place for overdue books, with a daily penalty of Rs. 1 for the initial 15 days following the due date, increasing to Rs. 2 per day thereafter. Sundays and holidays will be considered

    11. Loss or Damage:
      In the event of loss or damage to library materials, students or staff responsible will be required to reimburse the library for the current value of the item. Lost library cards should be reported immediately, with the possibility of replacement upon payment of a fee and filing an FIR.

    12. Librarian Authority:
      The librarian retains the authority to recall any borrowed materials prior to their due date. Any modifications to library regulations will be determined by the library committee, with decisions regarding library usage and card status being made at the discretion of the institution.

Notice board
*College will remain closed on 29-03-2024 on account of “Good Friday”
Notice regarding Library Internship course
College will remain closed on 08-03-2024 & 09-03-2024 on account of “Shiva Ratri” and Administrative ground
Notice regarding Special talk on “Ancient Indian Customs and Spiritual Insights in the Epic Mahabharata”
Notice regarding Internal Examination
Notice regarding ABC ID-related
Notice regarding any change in Registration Certificate
Notice regarding cultural event (Lamhein)
College will remain closed on 26-02-2024 on account of “Sab-e-Barat”
Notice related MINOR-I and MINOR-2 for 2nd Semester students
Notice related ABC ID
Notice on MDC Subject
College will remain closed on 15-02-2024 on the ground of post-Saraswati Puja College campus cleaning 
All are invited to join as Saraswati Pratima will be immersed on 09-02-2024.
An invitation to attend the Career Orientation Program.
Notice for flag hoisting on account of the 75th Republic Day.
College will remain closed on 26-01-2024 on account of “Republic Day”
Flag Hoisting on account of “Birthday of Netaji”
College will remain closed on 23-01-2024 on account of “Birthday of Netaji”
Notice for the Blood Donation Camp
All are requested to be present 12-01-2024 on account of “Birthday of Swami Vivekananda”
College will remain closed on 12-01-2024 on account of “Birthday of Swami Vivekananda””
Notice of “Career counseling program”
Notice for the workshop on student welfare
Notice for the Cultural program on 08-01-2024 of Student’s week
Notice for Program schedule of Student’s week
Notice for “Student’s week” on 02-01-2024 to 08-01-2024
College will remain closed on 25-10-2023 to 01-01-2024 on account of “Winter Recess”
Notice for awareness program on “Sexual Harassment”
College will remain closed on 27-11-2023 on account of “Guru Nanak”
College will remain closed on 19-11-2023 and 20-11-2023 on account of “Chhat Puja”
Notice for “Puja Vacation” and Internal Examination
College will remain closed on 14-10-2023 on account of “Mahalaya”
Notice for Internal Examination
Regarding college uniform
College will remain closed on 28-09-2023 on account of “Id-e-Milad”
College will remain closed on 25-09-2023 on account of “Karam Puja”
College will remain closed on 18-09-2023 on account of “Vishwakarma Puja”
Notice for Hindi Diwas and Vidyasagar jayanti celebration program
College will remain closed on 06-09-2023 & 07-09-2023 on account of “Janmasthami” and administrative ground.
Log in credential for 5th+6th sem admission
Log in credential for 3rd+4th sem admission
Application for college canteen
Document verification
3rd & 5th Sem Admission notice
E counseling / Admission Schedule
Admission Notice 2022-23