The Department of Commerce was one of the nine departments with which the academic journey of Birsa Munda College began in 2018. The vision of Commerce Department is to maintain the institution as growing centre of learning while aiming at consistently high, global academic standards. Students taking three year undergraduate course in commerce of the college become versatile and proficient in the theory and application of the various topics taught and develops an excellent ability to apply the methods learnt for the solution of problems of a wide variety related to the topics. Career options for commerce students include those in the accounting, auditing, finance, administration and banking, both in private and public sectors. The subject "Commerce" involves more than just mastering the art of doing business. The subject brings students abreast with the corporate culture and prepares them for their professional life. Business activities are something that affects the daily lives of all people in a society. It also influences creation of employment, income, opportunities for personal enterprise, and standards of living of all individuals. The department of commerce allows a student to understand how business activities influence the society and the economy directly and indirectly. In addition to this the department is fully enriched with qualified and experienced teachers who not only teaches but motivates their students to grow in all aspects of their life. Along with this the Department also intends to provide inclusive education, irrespective of their economic condition, for inculcating human values and professionalism to all section of students. Besides, the department is more keen to make the education accessible to the economically disadvantaged groups of students belonging to the local tea garden areas.

Department of Commerce


Name: Ruma Dey (HOD)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Com (Gold Medelist from NBU) NET (JRF), SET, Pursuing PhD
Area of Interest: Accounting and Finance.
Experiences: 1. Having experience of working in State Bank of India.
2. Having experience of working in Siliguri Girls High school as an Assistant teacher.
3. Having experience of teaching Ten years and seven months in Mathabhanga College as an Assistant Professor since April, 2010 to November, 2020.

Name: Lolita Ghosh.
Designation: State Aided College Teacher
Qualification: M.Com (IGNOU)
Area of Interest: Human Resource Management.

Name: Mr. Prem Kant Kamti
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Com (NBU), NET, Pursuing PhD, 
Area of Interest: Corporate Account and General competition.
Experiences: 1. Eight years Administrative experience as Sub-Inspector of Schools.
2. Two years Administrative experience as Assistant Inspector of Schools.

Name: Ms. Bedika Agarwal
Designation: State Aided College Teacher
Qualification: M.Com ( NBU), NET(4 times), Pursuing PhD
Area of Interest:  Taxation  

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